Why this blog?

I have been asking myself what I can do for my country. I want to do something positive. I am tired of all the negative things I read and hear each day. So I thought of starting this blog that is solely dedicated to write and discuss only positive things about our country and its people.

There are so many beautiful and positive things and stories around. Let us highlight these so everybody will also know about them. So many people focus mostly on what is wrong. Let us make a difference and focus on what is right. Are you game?

Please write comments and share stories that will inform the world about the beauty of our country and people.

I call this blog “pinoyyellowbug” because I have been bitten by a yellow bug during our 1986 EDSA revolution and I think millions of Filipinos were similarly affected at that time. However, the effects of this bite has lain dormant during the recent years. Fortunately, the effects started to manifest again when our beloved Tita Cory died. This time, I think we should not let the effects lay covered and unnoticed again.

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