Spreading Inspiration

I have an Indian friend who lives in Paris and who usually sends me inspirational messages, jokes, etc., you know, the usual email stuff. Anyway, I got another inspirational item from him one day and as I finished reading it, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the article was written by a Filipino! Imagine! An inspirational article written by a Filipino is being passed on across the world wide web!  I really was so happy and proud to discover that. It’s great to be Pinoy!

Guess who this Filipino is? He is Bo Sanchez. He calls himself a preacher in blue jeans. He discovered he had a gift for preaching and started doing that when he was still in his blue jeans stage. Anyway, his ministry has now spread all over the world. He is really a very inspirational speaker and writer. If you want to know more about him and his works, I have placed links to two of his many web sites.  He is one Filipino we can all be proud of.



Bo does not know me personally, nor I him, but his works have constantly inspired me and I wish to spread this inspiration. If you know of other inspiring Filipinos and inspiring Filipino stories, please share it here. Thank you!

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