You can make a difference

I was having lunch in a fast food chain today and while waiting for my food to be delivered to my table, I started observing the waiters moving around, delivering food or cleaning up tables. I then saw this waiter carrying what looked to be my order, so I waved my number to him and true enough, it was my order. As he delivered my order, he was smiling broadly and he even inquired which utensils I would prefer – the disposable ones or the silver ware. I opted for the disposable ones and he hurriedly went back to the counter to get them. Still smiling, he gave them to me and left my table with a nod and my thank you of course.

At a table nearby, another customer was waiting for her order. When the waiter delivered her food, I heard her ask where she can get some utensils. The waiter just pointed her to a corner where there were trays containing forks and spoons.

I was struck by the difference in attitude between my waiter and hers.  Even if both are supposed to do the same thing, Kris (my waiter’s name), still managed to make a difference by his initiative and willingness to do more. Some people really make a difference wherever they are.

It does not matter what your social status in life is. You can be the president of a big corporation or the waiter in a restaurant and still be able to create a positive difference in other peoples’  lives.

6 thoughts on “You can make a difference

  1. Hi Tynee,
    Thanks for dropping by. Please come back often and share a story.

    You don’t have to wait for retirement to start blogging!

  2. what do you accept in this blog? do new government laws like this count?

    • As long as the item is something positive about the Philippines and Filipinos then it is accepted in this blog. I checked the link you provided and that is good news indeed especially for expat senior citizens.
      Thank you for your interest in contributing to this blog.

  3. Hi, Jill,
    As for the article” You can make a Difference”, in my perspecive the issue there was more on making a difference in the choice of utensils:like disposable or re-usable (ecology-wise).Considerng you can’t choose your waiter(not unless you change your designated table) 🙂
    Like being asked by the bagger at the cash register:”PAPER or PLASTIC?” This poses a conundrum.
    As for the “waiter- of- that-kind”?Walk out with your chin up. Don’t give him a tip!!!!-Lin

    • Hi Lin,
      It’s nice of you to drop by here.
      I just wanted to emphasize here that some waiters really go out of their way to “wait” on people, while others simply don’t care.

      I invite you to contribute some heart warming stories here about Pinoys and the Philippines. I’m sure you have your share of those.

      Thanks again for visiting and leaving a comment. See you around here or in hubpages.

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