Typhoon Ondoy, A Time for Heroes

The recent typhoon Ondoy that devastated a large part of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces brought out the best in most of the Filipinos. Stories about heroes/heroines and heroic deeds prevailed throughout the typhoon days and even until now.

Our family also experienced for the first time having flood (knee-deep) inside the house. This is nothing compared to what many of our countrymen experienced though. Many of our things were destroyed but those are just things and can be replaced. Lives lost cannot be replaced. I am just thankful that we are safe and did not have to climb our roof.

Well, as I said, times like this brings out the best in majority of our countrymen. Soldiers, workers, stars, ordinary people became heroes during the last few days. I’m really proud we are a people with strong compassion and bayanihan spirit. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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