Typhoon Ondoy Stories – Little Children are Heroes Too

My friend Nanding shared this story about how his grandchildren helped in the relief operation for victims of typhoon Ondoy. I thought that it’s a very heartwarming and inspiring story, so I’m sharing it here verbatim.

“Yesterday, I got another huge load of donation-several boxes containing maybe a total of 1000 little bags of cookies of different flavors. Today, being Sunday and therefore, family day, I thought of involving only the little members of our family, my 8 grandchildren, ages 4 to 10 maybe (maxine, gian,pempen,ciala,laura,jeremy,wapee, RJ,} in the distribution of the goods. we opened the boxes, rehearsed the process-each one of them getting 2 different types of bags of cookies each time, lining up to hand the goods to each imaginary kid-recipient,going back to the boxes to get another pair, going back to the line to wait for his/her turn to give it to another kid. When we thought they were ready, my nephews and nieces contacted the barangay tanod and ask him to send only the children in front of our gate. In less than a minute, there was a long line of little kids by the little door of our gate and my grandchildren awkwardly started their version of relief work. It was a sight to behold, my grandchildren, some also affected by the floods, but that time eagerly, and responsibly making sure that each kid outside the door gets his/her share. My sharp-eyed grandkid wapee was a good monitor. i heard him say a couple of times to some kids, “hoy nakakuha ka na kanina, kawawa yung iba,” or “hoy pumila ka,hindi tama yan,” There was even a time when i felt he was just about to lose his patience. He was already screaming, red-faced, ” pag hindi ka pumila, hindi kita bibigyan !” pero sabay abot din ng cookies, kasabay ng buntung-hininga, “hay naku, ang titigas ng ulo ! ”

Gian, my other grandkid, 4 yrs old would slow down the process because after giving the bags, he would first watch the reaction of the recipient, and would not move until his other cousins irritatingly get to push him aside, and that’s the only time he would run to get his supply and go back to the line behind his cousins. RJ and pempen are the most excited. They could not stay in the line. After getting the goods, they would overtake thir cousins, go right in front and throw the bags to their recipients.

The little girls, ah the little girls, maxine, ciala and laura were prim and proper, always waiting for their turn to get the goods, they stayed in the line, never overtaking the others and they gave the goods to the hungry kids , with a smile on their faces. Jeremy, 6, gave away, I think 2 pairs of bags of cookies and then rested in a corner, saying, he’s tired already. He got one bag of cookies, opened it, and quietly ate to his heart’s delight. I forgot to tell you and I must explain that his other cousins were so focused on the actual distribution because earlier, after opening the boxes, and before the rehearsals, I already told them, Okey get your own bags first, put them aside and you can eat them after the distribution. Jeremy, was not there at that time, because he was running after his mother and blaming her for his being the only one not wearing a red shirt. I was told that their parents were supposed to make all their children-“social workers” wear red shirts. Sarah, Jeremy’s mother forgot about it. So, jeremy was “absent” during the ” serve yourself” pre-distribution phase. Sigurista din ang apo kong yon. Hindi yan magugutom.

Anyway, we adults, especially, I, the oldest, had fun watching the little ones and their relief operations. What can i say? Even in disasters, we can have little joys and little acts of goodness from the little ones”.


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