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  1. Hi,
    My name is Salvacion “Baby” Angtuaco. Professionally, I am a university professor. I just retired and am now engaged in photography and writing.

    I just want to highlight the positive things about the Philippines and Filipinos in this blog.

  2. I like your photograpy, especially Boracay. I’ve been in that beach, because my aunt owns a nipa hut and a little store.

    I enjoyed the sunset, and went shopping for goodies along the seashore.

    Yes, at night it is fun to eat out.

    • Thanks very much Nilda. I go to Boracay once a year, so I have many photos about Boracay. Please click on the link to my travel hub and this will bring you to my article on Boracay. I actually have two articles about Boracay in Hubpages.
      If your aunt owns a hut and store in Boracay then she must know my brother, Fr. Adlai. Placer. I may have even met your aunt there in Boracay?

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