The Heart Relic Visit

The Heart Relic Visit

I have written up an account about my last post re the heart relic visit. I also have been blessed with a personal uplifting experience. Please click on the title of this post to read about this.St. Camillus-1agold
Here is a prayer to St. Camillus. This is a photo that I took of the heart relic.


The Journey of the Heart

In connection with the 400th death anniversary of St. Camillus in 2014, his heart relic is going around the world. St. Camillus is the patron saint of the sick, nurses, hospitals and healthworkers. His relic will arrive here in the on February 18 and will depart March 11, 2013.

We are lucky in our subdivision, Kingsville along Marcos Highway, that the Camillian Sisters have their convent here. St. Camillus relic will therefore stay in their convent from Feb 19-21.

We are all invited to come and visit the relic and participate in various activities. Below is the schedule of activities. Please tell your friends and bring especially those who need healing.